Frequently Asked Questions

When does the class start?

These courses are all Independent study, so you enroll and begin at your convenience. There are no deadlines, except that you must complete the work within one year.

Do I have to come to Fresno for class sessions?

No! You will be sent all the materials you need to complete the course and you work at your pace in your own space.

How many units do I get for one course?

Each course earns 3 semester units of graduate-level professional development credit.

What version of the software will work with this course?

We currently have manuals for the following versions of Office:

TEC 920 Word TEC 921 Excel

2007 for Windows 2007 for Windows

2010 for Windows 2010 for Windows

2011 for Macintosh 2011 for Macintosh

2013 for Windows 2013 for Windows

2016 for Macintosh 2016 for Macintosh

2016 for Windows 2016 for Windows

When you enroll, we will send you an email asking which version you would like. Within 24 hours the packet will be in the mail to you via 2-day Priority Mail.

Are these courses appropriate for the novice user?

While these courses are appropriate for the novice Office user, there is the expectation that you will know how to open and save files as well as emailing.

Is any kind of special equipment required?

No special equipment is needed to complete this course. You don not even need to have a printer attached. You will need a computer with Internet access.

What materials will I receive?

You will receive via 2-day Priority U.S. Mail a packet which includes the Instructional Manual and the Assignment Manual. These come separately because you are going to want to have the Assignment Manual open and available while you are working through the materials. In the intro, you will be instructed to go to DLFunk.com and download the Support Files that will be required for course completion. You may also download a copy of the Assignment Manual.

Are these courses available online?

These courses are not available as online courses. We have tried and it does not work well.

May I enroll in more than one course at a time?

You may enroll in as many as three courses at once. However, you may not take more than 18 units in one semester.

What if I’m off-track or on summer vacation? Do I need a classroom full of children?

The courses are designed to provide you with tools to help students learn. You will be eager to put into practice some of the tools you find but a current classroom experience is not a requirement for these courses.

For what grade level are these courses designed?

These courses are designed for the K-12 teacher and administrator. You will find application in all subject areas as well. We have also had some university folks find great value in the courses. a

How do I turn in my work?

All work is saved in a folder on your hard drive. When you have finished the course, a list of files is provided listing all the files that must be included for evaluation purposes. You email this folder as a compressed file to the instructor. In addition, there are two required emails to the instructor during the coursework.

How will I be graded?

Many of the assignments are simply a check-off �?you either did it or you did not. Others are subjective, such as Journal entries and Projects. In order to earn a letter grade of A, 10% of the grade will be based on the completion of a Project, in that it is a testament to the effort put into the class and is a measure of mastery learning on the part of the student. The Journal assignments will also be 10% of the grade as it provides evidence of reflection and application on the part of the student. The other items will comprise 80% of the grade

A 90% - 100%

B or Credit 80% - 89%

No Credit 79% or below

How long does it take to get a grade or transcript?

The average time needed for an official grade report is approximately two weeks after the instructor receives your completed work. After you receive the grade report, you may request a transcript, which may take up to another two weeks. You may request “rush�?delivery, however, for an additional fee.

Who are the instructors?

Dennis Funk with 34 years in public K-12 education and 22 years in part-time University education, Dennis is responsible for the development and maintenance of all course materials.

Dr. Richard Swan Dr. Swan brings a wealth of experience, including 30 years in public K-12 education, to support the TEC 921 Excel class.

Andrew Funk with a broad background of technology and education, Andrew provides support for the TEC 920 Word class.

Will I ever talk to the course instructor?

In most cases, that’s up to you. If you have a question or concern, we will be happy to return your phone call. It is most effective, however, to communicate with us via e-mail. We check our mail every day and always answer promptly!

Tell me more about Fresno Pacific. Is it a reputable school?

Fresno Pacific University is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. In addition to its undergraduate programs, it offers Master’s Degrees in Education. The university has an outstanding reputation in California for its creative and effective contributions to teacher training and in-servicing. Almost 2,000 attend the main campus in Fresno and over 1,800 attend at 5 regional sites throughout central California. More information can be found at www.fresno.edu.

How do I sign up?

a. Register online. See individual courses for link.

b. Register by phone calling 1-800-372-5505. Friendly staff will assist you and ask for your credit card information.