Welcome to DLFunk.com

Welcome to the home page of Dennis Funk. The links below will take you to pages that represent topics I am involved with. 

Camp BUI - Burners Under the Influence  (This is my camp at Burning Man. There are tons of information, photos, videos, links and more)

Recipes (There are two parts to this page - German Mennonite Recipes that were handed down to me from my mother, Viola Hodel Funk. Many of these recipes originated in Russia and were passed down through generations. The second part of this page includes recipes that I highly recommend.)

Hobbies (These are the things I enjoy doing in my spare time.)

Creating Websites using Google Apps (This page includes information regarding establishing a domain name using Google Domains and creating web pages using Google Sites. There are several tutorial documents you can download and print showing you how to use these Apps. The total cost for domain name and website hosting is $12 a year.)

Gift of Memory (This page contains information about how to capture and document all those photos you have collected over the years. The main focus of this page is to help you capture information and saving photos that have historical significance to your parents and their ancestors.)

Cooking with Dutch Ovens (This page contains information regarding the purchase, maintenance and use of camping Dutch ovens that use charcoal for heat. The page also contains recipes that I have tried with great success.)

Sir Loin's Rib Eye Stakes (This page includes information about the stakes that I make and sell. There are photos and information about the product and how it is made.)

Almeda Fire (This page Is a pictorial presentation of the aftermath of the Almeda Fire which took place on September 8, 2020. It burned 2,500 dwelllings, 150 businesses, and killed only 3 people.)