I started out making everything out of oak. I grew tired of the oak grain and as luck would have it, my son married the daughter of Denny Fritz. He gave me a dowry of all the wood I could haul home from Brookville Indiana. I loaded the pickup with over 1,000 lbs. of maple. So, all the items I have built in recent years is with this maple wood.

Entertainment Center

I designed this piece using the plans for the bookcase shown to the right.


This was made from plans.

Adirondack Chair

I made this from plans found on the Internet and I had It professionally finished. Probably the only person on the planet with an Adirondack chair in the living room.

Work Table for the Ashland Film Festival

Display Case

I sawed 1" boards in half to get the narrow wood.

Furniture Dolly

Made of Maple


Cargo Carrier

Ice Cart

For retrieving ice at Burning Man

Lab Cart

I have one of these in the garage and one in the shop

Cargo Carrier

Rib Eye Stakes

For our Burning Man shade structure

Underneath each cart Is a furniture dolly

I have two hobby forges - one fueled by blacksmith coal and the other by propane. 

Blacksmith Coal Forge

Yes, that is a hair dryer used as a bellows.

Propane Forge

Works quite well. A lot cleaner than blacksmith coal.


Landscape Design

By my good friend, John Stadelman

Pavers for front walkway

Planter box

Covered this with 1/2" thick faux brick

Front Walkway Finished

View from Front Door

Love the colors of Green

Other Hobbies

Corkscrew Collection

I have over 50 unique corkscrews in my collection. 

Camp BUI Shade Structure

We now have 4,200 square feet under tarp.


Emma picking the garden

Medford Food Project

Sharon and I are Neighborhood Coordinators for the Medford Food Project. Every other month, on the second Saturday, we go around to our almost 30 donors in our neighborhood and collect green bags filled with non-perishable food items. We leave an empty bag for the next pickup. We then transport the bags to a collection point where scores of volunteers sort and distribute the items to 16 agencies that supply food for the needy. The Food Project has collected over 1,000,000 lbs of food since it's inception.