Rib Eye Stakes by Sir Loin

The best stakes on the playa

1/2" steel Stakes = 18" long with eye

Unbelievably Rugged - Perfect for Burning Man

Easy to drive in - Easy to pull out

Constructed of 1/2" steel rod

Forged of 1/2" solid steel 24" rod using a pre-formed jig

Blacksmith Coal Forge

This forge consists of a brake drum from a Chevy 3/4 ton pickup and a hair dryer. 

Propane Forge

This forge is a store-bought propane forge

I am Sir Loin

From Camp BUI - Burners Under the Influence - CampBUI.org

How it's done

I made a jig on which I can make eyes either 1 1/2 Inch or 2 Inch In diameter.