Almeda Fire

The Almeda Fire of September 8, 2020 started at 11:00am In Ashland, near the dog park. The wind was blowing close to 45 miles per hour directly up the Rogue Valley basically following the path of Bear Creek. People all along the way were evacuated immediately, including Sharon, myself, and Wendy, our dog. The fire burned for over 12 hours covering a little over 13 miles in the process. The fire burned 2,500 homes and 150 businesses to the ground. Only 3 lives were lost which is a credit to the evacuation process. We were required to vacate and located a mile west of our house. We could hear the fire and see the flames from our house. Embers were falling all around our property. Just before midnight the wind changed directions and guided to fire in a direction where it lost it's fuel. It came within 2 miles of our house. 

Our Bank - Umpqua Bank

The Vault Is all that Is left

Umpqua Bank

Burger King - just outside Ashland

One of my haunts

Sammy's Cowboy Bistro

A very popular local restaurant

A family looking over their lost home

A home In Phoenix destroyed

150 businesses were burned out

A drilling company lost two new rigs

Entire manufactured housing tracks were leveled

Over 350 units In this park

Destruction as far as you can see

Only a fireplace remains

This was Garrison's Home Furnishing

In downtown Phoenix

My friend Dale and his bike shop

A car lot gone In Phoenix

A motel gone

The fire from East Medford

The fire from above Talent

Firebomber works the flames